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Fort Bragg soldier to be tried in Russia

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Criminal_justiceChristopher Garner, a Fort Bragg soldier, will stand trial in Khabarovsk, Russia court on January 31. New details and background information on Garner and his Russian wife Svetlana.

The criminal case involving an alleged murder by an American soldier of Aleksandr Kaminsky, a Russian citizen residing in Khabarovsk, received a bit of attention in the Russian media. The Pacific Ocean Star, a Khabarovsk newspaper, commented on the fact that the motive for the murder is presented being that of a desire to take possession of an apartment. This doesn't make sense to Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vega, the assistant to the U.S. military attache, who arrived in Khabarovsk to be present at the trial. "They have excellent housing conditions in North Carolina," said Vega.

The history of the Garner family does not generally produce the impression of the couple being savage hunters after some real estate. After being introduced several years ago to Svetlana Latysh, a Khabarovsk resident, Christopher Garner married Svetlana and brought her to America. There is also no question about their marriage being a fictitious one since they already have three children.

In September 2006, Svetlana's aunt died and the Garner family arrived for the funeral in Russia. Iit turned out that the lonely aunt bequeathed her apartment to Svetlana. However the aunt toward the end of her life got involved with the man by the name of Aleksandr Kaminskiy. Since Kaminskiy was not legally married to the aunt, he had no legal rights for the apartment. That didn't stop Kaminskiy from confronting Svetlana.

The materials of criminal case make it obvious that Kaminskiy attacked Svetlana using an electric wire and even an axe. When Christofer Garner saw what appeared to a real threat to his wife he rushed to protect Svetlana.

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Come Home Soon
11Wednesday, 29 July 2009 18:09
Maureen M.
I have known Chris his entire life and I know he would never senselessly kill another human unless to protect a loved one. I pray the courts let him come home early or to serve his remaining sentence in the US. God speed to Chris and his family. My prayers are always with you. Another loving aunt.
10Friday, 06 February 2009 15:12
Кристофера Гарнара вообще не было на месте преступления, он там появился тогда, когда Каминский был уже мертвый. :(
my husband didn't kill anybody
9Friday, 19 September 2008 08:06
Svetlana Garner
Kaminsky was never my realitive IT'S SO NOT TRUE - he is the man who killed my aunt and then have dicided to kill me,but my husband protected me.My husband is an ANGEL!!! He is the best man in the world!!!!!!!!!!
8Tuesday, 15 April 2008 19:45
A friend
Iv known Chris for over 6 years and have very rarely seen him angry enough to hurt anyone. I do however am very disturb about somethings. If he were at no fault, then why hide the body, especialy if he were going to turn himself in. Wouldnt most people in that situation go directly to the embassee and not take time to put a body in car, drive it, and throw it away like trash. I do feel for the garners, but not only did a man die, someone lost a son, perhaps a brother, or a father
7Sunday, 14 October 2007 13:26
Wow! This is a difficult situation...I am from Khabarovsk, Russia originally. I hope Chris will still be alive after 9 years in this high security Russian prison....My heart goes to his family and his 3 children.....What a terrible lesson to learn...I will keep him in my prayers...Olga.
Young Father
6Wednesday, 28 March 2007 10:06
Lynne Marie
Christopher protected his wife and himself.  As a father of three little boys under 5, he would never do anything to prevent himself from being with them, unless it was life or death.   They didn't run to Moslow to hide, that's where the US Embassy is, as a soldier on leave, didn't they need advice on how to turn themselves in to the Russian police.  Just my thoughts. Our prayers are for all the people involved, Christopher, Svetlana, their babies, judges, lawyers, and the family's on both sides.  We, his extended family, are all praying for his return home.
A message for Christopher''s father
5Wednesday, 14 March 2007 07:21
Dear sir

I am writing a piece for The Moscow Times about your son and would like to speak to you about the situation.  I would be hugely greatful if you could contact me at I have been trying to find a contact for you for weeks but not been successful so far.

Thank you in advance.
Gentle man
4Tuesday, 13 March 2007 15:34
Brenda Lee
Chris, I know you wouldn\'t intentionally hurt a flea.  Being the loving man you are to your wife you completely tried to keep harm from coming to her.   I pray the court sees you as a decent upstanding citizen and lets you free to be back with your family.  You turned yourself in, that says something about your character.  I wonder how many U.S. citizens in your shoes would have done the same.  Godspeed Chris.
Your loving aunt.   
Father speaks
3Saturday, 10 March 2007 12:24
Christopher protected his wife and his own life.  I would expect nothing less from him... as a man and as a soldier.  The medical report of injuries to his wife fully support the events as stated by Chris.  Self defense or not, the criminal court system in Russia will determine my son's fate.  His wife, three sons and extended family members pray for his swift return.

My thanks to 'co-worker' for the confirmation.  We know exactly how he behaved himself up to adulthood.  Those we encountered at Fort Bragg spoke highly of him.  Reading your comments were pleasant confirmation of the son we know.
former co-worker
2Thursday, 01 February 2007 10:03
I used to be in the same platoon with Garner back at fort bragg and did a tour in iraq with him.  He was a nice guy and hard worker.  I remember he would bring in russian candies to us once in a while from his wife.  I can never imagine him doing something like that in cold blood.  I hope he\'s proven innocent and returns to the U.S soon.
i knew this guy
1Friday, 29 September 2006 17:50
Dude I knew this guy and he seemed a little strange, but I always thought that he was just that way because he was Russian.  Goes to show you that you never really know people.  I served in Iraq with him.....he seemed like a good guy.





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