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Green Card Lottery DV 2015 results as of May 2014

Green Card Lottery DV 2015 results as of May 2014 - 4.9 out of 5 based on 48 votes
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The results of the 2015 DV Diversity Visa Green Card lottery are available as of May 1, 2014. If you applied to win a green card in 2013 now is the time to check whether you won a chance to legally live in the USA. New this year: if you've lost your confirmation number there is a tool to retrieve it.

Keep in mind the meaning of the three different years associated with each green card lottery: the year when the Diversity Visa applications are accepted, another year when the results are announced, and the year of the visa itself. Therefore, the results made available May 1, 2014, are for the applications submitted in 2013, and the official designation is Diversity Visa 2015.

To check if you have won the Diversity Visa lottery you must have the Entrant's Confirmation Number, Last Name/Family Name/Surname, and Year of Birth in order to check the entrant status online.

From the Green Card instructions:

How will I know if I am not selected? Will I be notified?

You may check the status of your DV-2015 entry through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website at starting May 1, 2014, until at least June 30, 2015. Keep your confirmation number until at least September 30, 2015. (Status information for the previous year’s DV program, DV-2014, is available online from May 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014.) If your entry is not selected, you will not receive any additional instructions.

What if I lose my confirmation number?

You must have your confirmation number to access Entrant Status Check. A tool is now available in Entrant Status Check (ESC) on the eDV website that will allow you to retrieve your confirmation number via the email address you registered with by entering certain personal information to confirm your identity.

U.S. Embassies and Consulates and the Kentucky Consular Center are unable to check your selection status for you or provide your confirmation number to you directly (other than through the ESC retrieval tool). The Department of State is NOT able to provide a list of those selected to continue the visa process.

Will I receive information from the Department of State by email or by postal mail?

The Department of State will not send you a notification letter. The U.S. government has never sent e-mails to notify individuals that they have been selected, and there are no plans to use e-mail for this purpose for the DV-2015 program. If you are a selectee, you will only receive e-mail communications regarding your visa appointment after you have responded to the notification instructions on Entrant Status Check. These emails will not contain information on the actual appointment date and time; they will simply tell you that appointment details are available and you must then access Entrant Status Check for details.

More information in the Diversity Visa instructions.

If you didn't win the lottery, you will see the following:
Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time.
Please verify that you have entered all information correctly. You may re-check the Entry status by clicking on the ESC Home Page link below

If you won, then congratulations to you! The site will display the information in reference to what to do next. You will receive a notification e-mail, then the site will display an appointment letter with information about your immigrant visa interview.


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1Saturday, 21 March 2015 06:12
Viktor Pavlov
Hello. Good afternoon.
My name is Victor, I would like to live in dignity with his family and work in America.
We are believers and would like to see our children and grandchildren are not humiliated for our religion. I hope for your understanding and cooperation.
God's blessing.

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