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Biltmore, the most popular home in US

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most_popular_buildings American Institute of Architects published a list of 150 most popular architectural structures in the United States. While the Empire State Building took the first overall spot, Biltmore house is the most popular private home in America. Bilmore is located in Asheville, NC.

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the American Institute of Architects, together with Harris Interactive, asked 1,800 Americans to name their favorite edifice. As a result, a list of 150 structures was produced.

Biltmore is the most popular private residence. Overall Biltmore Estate is in the 8th place.

Top 10 U.S. structures:

  1. Empire State Building (1931) New York
  2. The White House (1792) Washington
  3. Washington National Cathedral (1990) Washington
  4. Thomas Jefferson Memorial (1943) Washington
  5. Golden Gate Bridge (1937) San Francisco
  6. U.S. Capitol (1793-1865) Washington
  7. Lincoln Memorial (1922) Washington
  8. Biltmore Estates/Vanderbilt Residence (1895) Asheville
  9. Chrysler Building (1930) New York
  10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1982) Washington





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