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Убийце русской девочки сократили срок

Убийце русской девочки сократили срок - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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VikaСудья в Manassas, Virginia, согласился сократить срок заключения Пегги Хилт, жительницы Северной Каролины, которая 1 июля 2005 г. избила до смерти приемную дочь из России.

34-летняя Хилт была осуждена в мае 2006 г. на срок от 25 до 35 лет лишения свободы, что превышало рекомендованный срок от 12 лет до 21 года лишения свободы. На прошлой неделе Хилт предстала перед судьей Вильямом Д. Хамбленом  (William D. Hamblen, Prince William County Circuit Court). Ее адвокат, Вильям Р. Стивенс (William R. Stephens), агрументировал, что Хилт сделала видный прогресс в сторону реабилитации. Стивенс так же заметил, что внимание со стороны СМИ и обсуждение того, как это дело отразилось на процессе усыновления русских детей, возможно повлияло на срок, данный судьей Хамбленом.

В результате слушания, судья Хамблен снял 16 лет со срока, оставив ей отбывать 19 лет за решеткой.

1 марта 2006 жительница штата Северная Каролина Пегги Хилт признала себя виновной в убийстве девочки, удочеренной в одном из детских домов Иркутска.

Нина (Виктория Баженова)

Самое избиение Нины (Виктории Баженовой) произошло 1 июля 2005 г.  Все статьи о Хилт.

Comments (15)
nina hilt
1508.10.2012 12:20
Just saw the WE show on the horrible death of this little girl. Every time she said anything about that little girl she looked straight up. The only time she made eye contact with the interviewer was when she talked about being an alcoholic. Then I noticed she said Nina attacked her sister with a fork, later the narrator said something completely different. This lady seemed to blame the baby for everything and had absolutely no remorse. She said but a lot and that people need to see her punished because it satisfies them, basically. I tried to read as much as I could find on this and there were a lot of different accounts as to what she said happened. Then I found the father's website that is dedicated to Nina. He said that she didn't have RAD as Peggy claimed and never attacked with a fork, spread feces, or had violent tantrums. He said she maybe had mild RAD, was a daddy's girl and had a good relationship with everyone. He also said that within the last few weeks of her life she actually cried when her "mom" left and missed her. He said none of the claims that she was violent and misbehaving frequently came out until after her murder and Peggy's incarceration. Peggy is remorseless, a liar and deserves to spend her life in jail. She makes plenty of excuses for her despicable mothering and never says she is sorry. She says that people should look at her side and she never thought she could beat a child to death but she was provoked by this baby for not loving her. She was jealous and hid everything she did. She could have saved her but she kept lying and hiding what she did. God didn't help her get through this. Don't blame god for your mistakes. If she ever gets out to "help people" like she wants, I will be amazed, she only cares about herself.
nina had severe RAD
1417.07.2012 14:56
Everyone thats saying terrible things like the mom was a devil and didn't deserve to have kids, well do you even know what reactive attachment disorder is? RAD is a severe disorder that enables a child who's been neglected or abused from infancy to develop sociopathic behaviors and no empathy or attachmen to anyone, instead they act in constant rage and in severe cases hurt people/animals without feeling badly. This is because their brain didn't develop properly and they were never nurtured from infancy so they become the devils who have no self control, the movie Orphan is a good example or a severe situation. I don't agree that peggy should have done what she did at all, but I don't think anyone understands what it was like to live with a RAD daughter she adopted even young- this girl had violent tantrums, smeared her poop on the wall and attacked her sister with a fork, hilt was drunk and out of control too so she reacted without thinking, which is definitely wrong but you also have to take into account what living with a RAD child can be like, scary, semi hopeless and unbarable.
nina hilt
1301.07.2012 01:25
mom of 6 beautiful babies
Peggy Hilt is given to much sympathy. She should be given the death penalty. This baby was 2 and this woman tries to make it seem like it was Ninas fault. She is horrible and I don't think anyone should have ever let her have her say. RIP beautiful Nina there was a reason this devilish woman was unable to have biological children.
1209.04.2012 17:31
Hannah Kim
Peggy Hilt is just a complete idiot. I think I know why God did not allow Peggy to have kids of her own. Presume this! I'll be mad. Do our children [yes, mine is biological from Michigan at the Okemos border] assume it's funny to hurt our feelings? Yep. But this is just sometimes. Is that an excuse for beating a toddler to death? NEVER. I am not and I won't care how remorseful or rehabiliated she is. SHE KICKED AND BEAT THAT CHILD TO DEATH! Crud, Peggy should go to jail for LIFE and possibly, in front of other adults, needs to think about how bad she was.
Nina looks like autism! Peggy is just spoiled and is used to believing the world revolves around her!
1109.04.2012 17:24
Hannah Kim
Nina Hilt is on the spectrum--Nina looks like autism because she experienced autistic behavior, but I'll allow you to know my classmate's younger sister has Autism! And I have ADHD friends but we aren't that naughty! Peggy is just spoiled and is used to beliving the world revolves around her. Is Nina Hilt autistic or something? Is she autism?
Sweet little girl
1029.05.2011 19:26
We love u Nina! have fun in heaven with the angels :)
Rest in peace sweety
929.05.2011 10:16
Nina , honey Ive been thinking of u, i was reading ur story and I felt so sad for u , u where such a beautiful little girl l.I just don't know why ur mommy would hurt u like this . I hope ur mom. Pays for wat she did to u it was wrong may u rest in peace sweet girl tell Jesus an his angels hi for me , ok
Rip nina
828.05.2011 23:18
I hate this woman she makes all adoptive parents look bad I hope they took the other baby away for her may she never be able to adopt another child again ! I hate baby killers she is as bad as Casey Anthony
Rip nina
728.05.2011 22:58
I was reading this Artical an I was just heartbroken for this little girl how could anyone beat a innocent baby to death .I now the the mom lost her patience on the child but there where other things to discipline the little one instead of
Murdering her the only thing she did was tell the truth about murdering her little girl in stead of hiding her body then she wouldve gotten 1s degree murder but thats no excuse to result to murder may she rot with Casey Anthony in prision for ending a little ones life . Rip presious little Nina no one can hurt u now.
615.04.2010 12:19
So many times, these adoptive parents refused to have children of their own, because they could not be bothered; they go out, and buy a child. Many of the parents, could never pass the stringent guidelines for a US adoption, and there is a reason for that! They should have to undergo the same investigative process, the same background and psychological checks, as required for a US adoption...no matter how much money they have.
I agree with the woman that said there was a reason that God never let Hilt have children of her own. Think about it; this was not someone giving a child a black eye, this was not someone even whipping a child with an electrical cord, (both of which would result in your children being taken away from you). She hated the child, who probably developed many of her behaviors after being rejected by a cold, unaffectionate, adoptive mother. That is why the child's behaviors worsened. She kicked a baby to death, for God's sake!!! What is wrong with these people? She should be in jail for LIFE; she should have been given the death penalty. Every time some evil *itch harms her child, they will say they have a mental illness; the only mental illness this woman has is she lacks empathy for other humans. The name for that is "sociopath," or in this case, "Psychopath;" which she clearly is. She is just telling people what they want to hear, to get out early. At the very least, it should have been life, without the possibility of parole.
Sad story
511.10.2008 11:11
There is no excuse for Peggy's past behavior, lowering her time in jail will not change anything.  People follow patterns.  She reacted in anger and violence when things weren't perfect.  People don't change.  You have to rank her up there with the other Mothers that kill.  Too bad she didn't react with love. Love would have saved that broken angel baby...
422.07.2008 17:57
Peggy Hilt should of got LIFE! MURDER is Murder. I have two kids of my own and if God doesn't give you Children then it's not meant for a reason. Peggy Hilt couldn't stay Pregnant for a reason.
RAD reactive attachment disorder
304.07.2008 18:32
Megan Kipp
This is clearly a terrible tragedy. However, it frustrates me as to the comments on this page. Are you all really so ignorant to be unaware of the difficulties of reactive attachment disorder? Don’t get me wrong, clearly a crime was committed and this is a terrible situation, however this was not a "bad child and a bad mother" but a child who was unable to have a healthy bond with anyone; just because she bonded "easily" with her father means nothing, other then she was indescribably attaching to others. I work with eastern European adoptees, and feel horrible for child and mother.
231.03.2008 10:40
Mommy of 3
This is insane, children are supposed to be protected by their parents.  This little girl was not only let down once, by her birth parents, but yet again by someone who "chose" her, someone who chose to be her parents and protect her.  Where was the dad in all of this?  Obviously oblivious.  Maybe there were more problems than just between the mother and child.
127.03.2008 09:36
Haley's Mom
This is so outrageous.  Do our kids (yes, mine is adopted from Russia) make us crazy?  Yep.  Is that an excuse for beating a 2 1/2 year old to death?  NEVER.  I don't care how remorseful or rehabilitated she is.  She KICKED AND BEAT THAT CHILD TO DEATH!  IMO, the 25 year sentence was too lenient.

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